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Final Project – the first draft

 Mainland students working in Hong Kong: “The Years of Booming” Encounter “The Years of Financial Tsunami”


During 2004 to 2005, the total number of mainland students entering the universities in Hong Kong increased 40%, reaching 1000 a year (said by CAO officers years ago, need to be further confirmed).  It was the start of “mainland students boom”.   Years passed.  Now most of these students have begun or will soon begin working in Hong Kong.  (More research on the accurate data.) 


During these years, Hong Kong’s economy hoisted gradually in the line of the rapid growth of mainland economy and the expansion of the world’s capital market. Job market, in that situation, prospected largely.  (Percentage of students got job.)   However, starting from the fall of 2008, financial tsunami broke out first in the United States, which said to be the most serious one in their history since the Great Depression in 1930s.  The serious impact of the crisis soon rippled around globally.  Impact on Hong Kong à Job market. 


A large number of mainland student are in the financial or financial-related sectors, especially in accounting firms and banks.  They just started their first job in the life and suddenly financial tsunami came and forced them to face potential or ‘already’ problem of unemployment and economic downturn.  For many of them, this is the first time they truly face a crisis. 

·      How is their situation right now?

·      Do they have any plan?  Will it change their original plan?  Different from most locals in the crisis, they are alone in Hong Kong and they have the choice to go back to mainland where is less impacted by tsunami.

·      Record the how 80’s generation would react in their first and the largest crisis in their life in this city.



Map: distribution of origins of mainland students

Charts: data number

Photo: the students’ profile, their living surroundings

Sidebars: change of habit since financial tsunami

Audio: interviewers



Yau Kee Wooden Carts — “We don’t retire”


YauKee wooden carts

Yau Kee Wooden Carts: “We don’t retire!”

by Liu Zhaoxin and Leo Chan

Yau Kee Wooden carts, run by the Lee Couple, is located on Boundary street in Sham SHui Po old district and has been in business for 50 years.  Aged 80 and 71, the couple still made about100 hand-made wooden carts per month, averagely 5 to 6 carts per day.  Asking when they want to retire and enjoy a easier life, they announced without hesitation that they don’t retire, for their clients, also for the carts are already a part of their life.



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