Vox pop report: Fish ball or Siu Mai?

Assignment 4: Vox Pop Report

People in the Central — “Yudan or Siu Mai?”

Feb 16, 2009

by Liu Zhaoxin

Fish ball (called as “Yudan” in Cantonese) and Siu Mai are both very popular “street foods” in Hong Kong.  Fish balls are yellow in colour, usually made with cheaper meat, and are sold in bamboo skewer.  They can be either spicy or not.  Siu Mai is a kind of Cantonese dissert whose formal name is pork and mushroom dumpling.  The Siu Mai sold in food stalls is usually with yellow skin and the fish meat filling.   How would people found randomly in Central answer to the question —  

 Do you like fish ball or Siu Mai?” 

"Fish ball"

Chu Ka Yee: "Fish ball"

Chu Ka Yee, a 10-year-old girl in the elementary school uniform: “Fish ball. Because it is more tasty.”  (Translated from Chinese)

Tim: “I like both.  But for fish balls, I’d like them to be in small size and be chewy.  For Siu Mai, I only prefer those with fish meat fillings” (Translated from Chinese).  This 26-year-old businessman was heading to SOHO in a hurry.   He refused to take photo.

"it's a good night-out snack"

Sophie: "it's a good night-out snack"

Three out of four foreigners we interviewed knew what are fish ball and siu mai and expressed their preference without hesitation.  Louis, a businessman sitting in ice-cream shop,  prefers Siu Mai because he does not like fish ball.  Gary, a father on the way to SOHO, likes Siu Mai because it looks tastier.  

Sophie, the girl in black, chose fish ball: “The texture is good.  And it’s good for a night-out, for mid-night or 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning.”  


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